I have been going to the gym for over 12 years now.  Naturally this gives me the god-given right to judge everyone in my path.  Here are things I have observed over the years.

Men in the free weights area with big upper bodies – they seem to wear track suit bottoms a lot, therefore I have to ask “Do you even squat bro?”

A 300 pound woman and a 250 pound woman go the gym – this is not the start of a bad sexist joke.  But with revolutionist rush at the gym in January I was amused by a 300 pound woman giving advice to here 250 pound friend.

I assume this was because the 300 pounder had been going a couple of weeks longer, but why would you listen to someone who does not have any proven results?

All hail the gym oracle – some people like to train and some people prefer to educate under the delusion they are training.  I call them the gym oracle, the kind of people who say shit like:

“Hey bro, you should try doing some obscure exercise to help muscle that has no relevance to current training session.

I have already expressed how much hate these guys – just focus on your own shit.

The king of the treadmill – why do some people come in and just use the treadmill.  Why not just buy a treadmill to use in the privacy of your own home.

The benefit of being a member of a gym, is the variaty of equipment, why not push yourself and use it instead of doing uphill walking?

Boys and the bench press – I see the free weight newbies – usually a group of lads who spend most of the session focusing on the bench press.

Strangley they don’t get any bigger.  You can’t miss them as they go in a group of 5+ and all stand round the bench press doing between 1 to 8 reps having a 10 minutes breather while their buddies all take a turn.

They exert themselves more taking selfies on the latest iphones, from observation I estimate they probably get about 12 minutes of exercise per hour of gym training.

These guys make me realise that training in pairs of alone is the best option.

Is this the free weight section or a woman’s knitting group?  Bro’s like to get together, because they naturally have a common interest.  However when they rest between sets (usually 10 to 20 minutes) they spend a long time chatting.

These are the type of people who probably like to brag about how many hours they spent in the gym.
Will you film me – I have grown accustomed to random strangers asking me to spot.  That is fine, as technology has become more available and people have become self absorbed I get requested to film them.

This I will not do, especially if you interrupt me doing my sets, so that you can get a video of you doing crunches with your shirt off and requesting that I zoom in close.

How many sets have you got? I doubt the intelligence of some gym goers, not only do many struggle to put the free weights back in number order a guy cut right in front of me as I was doing front arm raises.

Naturally I though what a dick.  He then proceeded to walk up to someone in the middle of a set of heavy bench pressing asking him how long he was going to need the bench for.

This impacted on the guys flow as he pressed out.  The bencher let out a grunting frustration with a not a very nice response.

Using equipment in unnaturally ways – I see people using the rower with there arms turned around… no, just… no.

Those are things I have observed over the years that come to mind.  Any other gym observations to add?

2 thoughts on “Gym observations

  1. Haha oh my gosh! Great list! I see the treadmill thing a lot… I hardly see women throw weights around but they do spend hours on the treadmill. Here’s to gym etiquette!


    1. I want to encourage people to exercise, but perhaps treadmills should cut out with a notice that says ‘thanks for the hardwork, but there is plenty of other equipment to use!’
      Thanks for your comments!


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