How blogging helped me improve (so far)

How blogging helped me improve (so far)

“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target”

George Fisher

The story so far…

Today is special as this is the 50th post I have created since starting the Manifesto of Perfection.

I have run blogs before but have never made it this far so I am partly congratulating myself for getting here, but also you the reader for your support – this always motivated me to improve my writing.

It’s not been easy trying to keep a schedule especially when bad stuff happens in my life – the desire to sit down and write something new is not necessarily a priority after a bad day.

But that partly was the point – it wasn’t supposed to be easy and committing to a regular writing habit ensured that I was disciplined and focused to produce new content.

The Beginning

If you have not read my Manifesto I started this blog with the intention of discussing self-improvement and how it benefits my life.  I decided to categorise this into the following areas:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Money
  • Sex
  • Creativity
  • Projects

I have to give credit to the Art of Manliness who inspire me to start this blog with their post “How to jumpstart your journaling”, it encouraged me to write and made me realise what I wanted to write about.

The present

During my little project to “just write something” I noted improvements in my life.  There are also things that have got worse and things that have not changed at all.

This is actually positive:

  • Writing about self-improvement makes me self-aware of failure.
  • My failure has been higher this year because I have been willing to take more risks because I want to be a better person.

I have written stories from my life which I would have forgotten if I had not taken the effort to write them down.

I wonder how many great stories we have missed out on just because a person could not be bothered to spend 30 minutes writing it down.

I know many of my followers are WordPress bloggers themselves, perhaps they gave blogging a go but the novelty has died off.   If you are still reading blogs I ask – what are you doing instead of writing?

I am sure something amazing has happened to you this week?  Why don’t you watch 1 hour less of TV this week and share it with the world?

So how am I actually self-improving?

kettlebellcolorFor my fitness I want to get a better looking body and challenge myself with sporting activities.

Although I have not done as many races as planned this year my body has seen many improvements.

I feel fitter, I have dropped fat so my figure is more masculine figure and I have a good gym routine.

nutritioneditMy nutrition was important to be kept to a healthy standard if I wanted to improve the look of my body.

I have cut down on carbohydrates, I only drink alcohol on special social occasions and in a moderate manner and I have developed my willpower to resist sugary foods.

redheadThe Manifesto was the way of accepting that my sex life was not going the way I wanted it to – I have been socially incompetent in establishing a relationship with woman – from approaching to getting signs of interest.

To reignite this I have done a lot of theoretical reading on the subject but realised that I also needed practical experience.  My friends are at a settled period where they don’t go to bars.

So I have had to roll solo.  It helps that I feel more confident in my body image.  Just recently I met a pretty cool girl who is into me.  It’s still early days so we will see how that goes.

suitMy career has stagnated this year and I have failed to plan properly how I can make more money.  After dicking about in higher education for so long to end up being underemployed my confidence in this area has dropped.

Truth is I feel powerless in my role and sometime feel the dream of a ‘good job’ is like the Holy Grail.  I will be focusing the remaining part of the year on making changes.

pencileditI have really pushed my writing skills, which has made me much happier as I am getting to test my creative ability.  When you consider that my current job allows no creativity this is an important escape outlet.

I want to do more drawing, perhaps work a way of getting some illustrations in this blog.  I need to work on my Photoshop skills – this will come with practice.

projectv2I made projects the final area of my manifesto as I felt by having something to work towards was a key toward improving as a person.

My obstacle race training is like a project – as I alter my diet and how I train to meet the needs of the courses I will be competing on.

I decided to learn some trade skills but the course I wanted to go on was cancelled.  I have never got round to learning through another method – this is a poor excuse and I need to do something about it.

sdeditv2When I decided to take priority on my self-improvement I did not realise how seriously I would take it.

I can say that the last six months is the least I have ever sat down to watch TV, movies and play video games.  When I do I feel guilty that I am not doing something productive.


More time is spent towards reading library books or spending a fortune on books on my Kindle.  This has helped me feel I am being more constructive – I read books that inspire me and improve my knowledge.

Trying to improve is not easy, because I am on the go I have felt pretty stressed.  I realise doing activities where I sit back and relax like meditating are good ways to avoid any further burnout.

 So what next?

I had no idea where I was going when I started the Manifesto of Perfection, it was just something to help me feel better about myself and so far its working.

There is nothing like coming in from a stressful day at work, clearing your mind of all the shit and writing a post-it note idea out as a full blog article.

I want to develop relationships with other self-improvement bloggers and establish with a wider community.  I know there are a lot of self-improvement blogs out there, they just don’t call themselves that.

So to you the reader:

Let me know what you’re up to – I’ll check it out

  • Share your ideas
  • Give me feedback on my work
  • Want to write a guest blog on here?  I can do that as long as it meets the themes presented on the site
  • Perhaps you want me to write something for you?
  • The possibilities are endless – let’s do this, we have one life to live and together we are stronger.

Remember you can contact me:

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Post a comment below

Or if you’re a bit old-fashioned you can drop me an e-mail –

Keep striving for Perfection…


3 thoughts on “How blogging helped me improve (so far)

    1. Thanks for your comment – it was great you commented on an older article from last year because although I felt I had come a long way then, I feel I have got even further now!

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