My favourite posts (so far)

As I reached my 50th post yesterday, I decided to take a step back and reflect on articles I have written so far.

I looked through the growing archives and I have picked out my five favourite pieces for you the reader to consider reading.

5) The Face in the Mirror

I randomly remember a guy from my early adult years, who was pretty irrelevant – until he killed himself.  This made me think about how I could avoid becoming that person.

4) Why you are not losing weight

Randomly frustrated by working in an office full of women on poor/fad diets I come up with some suggestions why weight loss is not being achieved.

3) Sometimes love isn’t enough

When I wrote this I was kind of going through a bit of a negative phase.  It’s an argument to say that despite the fact you may love something, that is not always enough.  In some respects I am wrong, but I am also right – perhaps I need to explore later why some people who love something reach their dreams and others are doomed to constant letdown.

2) Teaching others hardwork

I reflect on my experience of taking on two protegé’s to encourage them to live towards a fitter life.  I note the difference that some have the mindset to accept hardwork and some don’t.

1) The Failure – The Karate Instructor Dream

Perhaps this was early inspiration for my ‘Sometimes love isn’t enough post’, but here is a reflective post on my past when I dreamed of being a Karate Instructor.  A young man’s story of how he was used and became jaded by the business and politics of a martial arts organisation.

sdeditv2      Let me know what you think and keep striving for perfection


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