I was browsing through the Daily Post and noticed they had a task dedicated to creating a Manifesto for your blog.

Well I had to comment, as setting up a manifesto is right up my street!

All blogs can be manifestos in their own way as I feel it is a clear way of setting definition and direction to where your blog is going. It is also a way of being reflective on your own experiences.

I look through my own manifesto and realise how much I have developed since starting up the Manifesto of Perfection.


Take my view on the area of sex (or love, or women whatever you want to call it). I really did not want to write about my relationship woes, mainly because I did not have any to write about.

After a bad breakup three years ago I have avoided women and relationships. What was the point writing a self-improvement blog if I was not going to write about the biggest area that I needed to improve on. As I said in my manifesto:

“… this one could be a lot of work.”

And so far it has been a lot of work. I have read up on relationships, PUA theory, and the manosphere in general. And while I would never think of myself as a PUA, I have noticed changes in that apprehensive paragraph I originally composed.

Things like idolising one girl like I used to in the past are gone and I don’t have the same approach anxiety. When I started renewing my interest in women, I didn’t particularly seek sex, or a relationship, or even just a friendly smile. I went along and enjoyed the game.

As a result I have gone out with women. Yes the guy who had accepted a life of singledom has prospects.

Hi, I blog a lot

I started the Manifesto of Perfection with the purpose to write something and I have written a lot. It was my outlet to being creative and I have kept up to a weekly schedule. But now I want to develop on this habit I have developed.

I feel that my writing is sometimes just procrastinating – not substance, no direction and no end game. I want to develop more direction in my writing, perhaps even write something a bit more challenging. My creative skills need to be tested further.

Manifesto evolving

Because of this my manifesto needs to be updated, as my manifesto is about my life which is an evolving process. My needs, whether for sex or to be creative will change as I move on.

Write your manifesto today, for your life, for your blog, whatever… the manifesto is a way of saying how you are improving your life. When you blog about it you realise the subtle changes you have made in the last six months.

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