I went down the west coast of the USA.

Along the way I got food poisoning in Whitefish, Montana.

It was tempting to stay in Whitefish rather than go to Yellowstone park, but it was probably somewhere I would never see again, so I chose to suffer

I had a hellish journey sat in an un-air conditioned bus toilet vomiting, shitting, sometimes both on a boiling hot day.

It was a 300 mile journey, where I had to buy two new pairs of trousers to cover up some embarrassing accidents.

I got there and saw this


Yeah it was worth it

5 thoughts on “300 miles to Yellowstone

  1. WOW. I am so sorry you were so ill . . been there, done that with the whole “had to replace clothing for embarrassing reasons . . . ” But I am glad that you were able to see such amazing beauty….. feel better!!


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