One of the biggest excuses I hear for not losing weight is medication.

And I use the word ‘excuse’ because 99% of the time, it isn’t medication but an individuals choice of lifestyle.

But when I make this point I am told to shut up because “she is really trying and has been struggling with her weight from a very young age” and then I am called shallow because I don’t want to go out with her.


Thyroid problem? – I have actually seen overweight people swallow their medication with coke

And so I am made to feel like a bad person for for noticing the long term damage she is doing to her health.

But then I got to experience a real life experience that may or may not prove that I was right all along.


Observations from my life

Ruth weighs about 300 pounds, has various health issues,  is on a lot of medication and therefore has a ready made excuse on why she keeps getting fatter.

She was also quite vocal at a meal I went to about my vegetarian diet, shouting in my face about it.  An obese girl should not be ridiculing other peoples dietary choices.

I knew the medication excuse with her was bullshit, purely because every time I see her she is shoveling fatty foods with chips down her gelatinous mouth, washed down with sugary alcohol – all while making claims she goes to the gym ‘3 times a week’.


Perhaps I don’t know what I am talking about, perhaps I’m just a perfectionist with high standards and body image issues.  So for years I have accepted it was a difference of opinion that I could never prove.

And then she met Mark – a small skinny guy, who weighed about 140 pounds.  My first thoughts when I met him was how does someone that size work with a girl her size in the bedroom department…

Mark moved in with Ruth, at the beginning of this year and last week I saw him again.  He has put on a lot of weight, I would even say he is obese.  So either he has started taking the same medication (McDonalds) or he is living her dietary lifestyle.

This is in no way a scientific test, but perhaps is an ample wake up call that her weight is down to what she chooses to eat and drink.

What happens next?

Perhaps she will look in the mirror and realise this.  But  I doubt it, the excuses will keep coming.  However everyone else can learn from this.

Stop making excuses – stick to a healthy diet, maintain an exercise schedule.  If you do not see results get yourself tested for allegies, find other strategies and keeping trying new things to help you maintain a fit healthy lifestyle – remember its what works for you.

So are you fat because of your medication?


But I would guess you are fat because you make excuses and are not willing to take responsibility for your own life.

But I guess she will not see what I see and keep making excuses, while I am just a bad, shallow person.

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