Dreaming about the obstacles

I am running in the Spartan race.

My friend Tom is chasing strong.

I have been getting cocky because I have always been the stronger runner, but today he is keeping up with me.

The pressure comes on as he hits hard to get the lead over me.

I am not having that so I pick up the pace.  He goes faster.  So I copy.

We both repeat this several times until it is evident we are pushing through the pain barrier.

In our eagerness to out do each other, neither one of us notice we have run right off the course – are dreams of fast times and good finishes has gone because of this.

We are lost and desperately race are way back onto the course.  For some reason we are now on some rough estate full of youths.

The youths pull out knifes and try to mug us, which is stupid as we are carrying nothing of value except the fancy trail running shoes on are feet.

We are too fast for them, so they try to slow us down by slashing with their knifes.  We duck, dive and dodge, cutting us as we make are escape.

We are both bleeding badly, but find are way back on course – we cross the finish line.  Tom just beat me.

I can’t quite believe what happened

I look at him and say

“These obstacles get stupider every year”


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