Rehab my injuries and get back my fitness/motivation

I set some post mid year resolutions because I wanted to get my self-improvement goals back on track after a slump.  I detail how I will go about achieving my goal using SMART objectives, with a contingency plan for if I am not able to do this

Why have I set this?

The last two months have been terrible for the gym.  As I now have a girlfriend I have indulged in poor lifestyle choices – eating sugary foods, drinking alcohol and having late nights.  My energy has feels and I have a few injuries – so what am I going to do?


  • Improve my diet.
  • Address my health.
  • Motivate myself back to the gym.


  • Note what I am eating and monitor my body size/weight.
  • Seek medical support/see a sports physio.
  • Keep a record of my training, races and what motivates me.


  • An improved body through diet and exercise and which can be maintained.
  • I have access to medical support.
  • There are lots of new challenges coming up next year that I can research.


  • I have access to healthy food – it’s just my choices.
  • Professional support will help me through my problems
  • I am good at guilting myself to train and I always like training to meet a challenge

Time based

  • I will improve my diet now
  • I will seek medical support to discuss my lack of energy and see a sports therapist by 8th October
  • I will go back to the gym now and alter my training after the Spartan Yorkshire race (29th September), and have  a new regime sorted by the first week of October.


  • If my diet does not improve I will review what is going wrong
  • If the professionals cannot help my injuries/lack of energy I will seek alternative options
  • If I am not able to do race next year, I will focus on activities that will not impact on my injuries such as swimming, cycling, kayaking.

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