Work on lowering word count of blog posts

I set some post mid year resolutions because I wanted to get my self-improvement goals back on track after a slump. I detail how I will go about achieving my goal using SMART objectives, with a contingency plan for if I am not able to do this

read 7038 more words....

Why have I set this?

I started blogging as a way of challenging myself to write and keep record of my self-improvement goals.  As I continued posting people have read what I have written – this makes me think about my writing quality.  I have made efforts to improve spelling and grammar and started understanding the importance of ‘second draft’.  The next step is quality control on word count.


  • Everything that gets post on this site has to have work count reduced.  As a guide:
    • Short posts – no more than 200 words
    • Long posts – between 800 – 900 words


  • Use WordPress, word count feature to measure length


  • I am able to put in place quality control to reduce word count size.


  • I have already demonstrated my ability to reduce word count with my Amsterdam Story.  I will continue reading support like the Daily Post to inspire my blog writing.

Time Based

  • This has all been implemented – all posts must now adhere to the above word count criteria.


  • If word count exceeds post I could always experiment with moving some of the content across to other posts, or create new material based on excess ideas.

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