Get a new job

I set some post mid year resolutions because I wanted to get my self-improvement goals back on track after a slump.  I detail how I will go about achieving my goal using SMART objectives, with a contingency plan for if I am not able to do this

Why have I set this?

I need a challenge – to use my initiative, be creative, work on a project and my current job does not fulfill this need.  I want a job that utilises my degree and pays more.GOALS


  • I want a job that utilise my greatest skills – my creative side, my ability to organise projects and, build relationships with customers.


  • Job applications
  • Evidence of leads


  • There are plenty of jobs available, I haven’t set my heart on doing a certain career, just something to test my abilities.


  • My biggest problem is time and motivation:
  • I have applied for many jobs over the years and despite all the effort do not feel like I have got anywhere, this has left me jaded
  • My life is really busy, I need to motivate myself to to sit down and look for jobs.

Time based

  • I want to be in a new job by my 32nd birthday – March 19th 2015


  • Make the most of my current job – create my own projects if I do not get offered any.
  • Find a side work if I cannot find anything adequate to meet financial needs.
  • Start own business.

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