The Resolution Overview 16-10-2014

As I begin working on my post mid-year resolutions I decided I  need to keep a record of how I am meeting these goals.  So here is an overview which shows how I am getting on.


Fix my bike and cycle more often

I kicked things off by fixing my bike.  I am hopeless with anything involving handy work, so even something as simple as changing an inner tube felt like I was building a bike from scratch.

I got the right size inner tube, with the wrong valve, hen I got an inner tube too large, then one too small.  Finally I got one just right.

I was already exhausted and I had not even tried putting on the inner tube, this took a lot of straining, grunting and swearing, till finally it was on.

Rehab my injuries and get back my fitness/motivation

I need to stop procrastinating and see a doctor.  I got some advice from a personal trainer friend and he recommended rolling my sore foot into a golf ball.  So far this has not helped.

On the plus side my fitness motivation is back after changing my gym schedule around – I no longer do early morning sessions, I no longer constantly feel tired and I feel much better.  This is an ease to my mind that it is not a horrible disease.

Have a financial routine

Since getting paid, I have listed all my bills, then I set aside a budget, listing how much  went on leisure and how much I would save.  I felt responsible.

On a final note…

I created these ‘resolutions’ to help myself-improvement goals.  It was an amazing bonus that Leiah, over at So, I read this book today was inspired by my goal to get rid of clutter.  Has anyone else been inspired by anything?  Let me know!


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