101 posts later…

Another 50 posts later…

It seems crazy that I was congratulating myself for managing to reach 50 posts 3 months ago.  100 posts seemed so far off and yet here I am – still coming up with content idea and maintaining a regular posting schedule.


I started the Manifesto of Perfection based on one simple goal:

“Just write something”

But what should I write?  It took me a few days but then I realised I needed to follow the most basic guidance in the writers playbook

“Write what you know”

This was advice that just seemed… perfect.  I was wanting to achieve more from my life, so it seemed logical that I should write about self-improvement

I got out a notepad and created a scatter diagram about what I would write about.  There was probably about 20 posts worth of stuff – a dozen have made it onto the blog, the rest stuck in draft purgatory.

These ideas fell into for main themes:

  • Fitness – how I wanted to look and feel better
  • Nutrition – how I wanted to follow a better diet
  • Money – how I wanted to improve my job prospects and financial situation
  • Creativity – how I wanted to use my creative skills more
  • Sex – how I wanted to get back into the relationship game

I had developed the maintain categories I wanted to talk about.  So I decided the best approach was to create a manifesto to help me achieve what I want.

The hardest parts…

The difficult bit was continuing to write after my main initial ideas about self-improvement had been posted.  Some weeks it was a struggle and some posts make me question the relevance to my original idea – but I realise that a blog is an evolving platform that represents the writers journey through their topic.

I call this site the Manifesto of Perfection because it was a guideline to become a better person and how I planned to get there.  But it became more, it became a place for me to philosophises, talk about my struggles and my successes.

So thanks for joining me – I have developed my goals since starting up and perhaps by the 200th post I will have moved on further.

New to the site?  Read this page to see some of my favourite posts.


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