The Resolution Overview 23-10-2014

As I begin working on my post mid-year resolutions I decided I really need to keep a record of how I am meeting these goals.  So I decided to write an overview every so often to detail how I was getting on and talking about site stuff in general.

Go out and take more photographs

My camera now comes with me to work and I go out at lunch time to take photos.  Nothing too inspiring so far – though on my day off I drove past farm land and spotted a kestrel on the hunt.  It gracefully hover over the field and was still so I could get a shot, so I pulled over, admired it, then realised my camera was in my work bag… shit.

Get a new job

I have a job interview in November.  I have stopped applying, I should really keep up with that

Help girlfriend live a healthier lifestyle

My girlfriend keeps saying she is going to the gym.  She is still refusing to do work on her upper body as “it makes her shoulders click”.  I think I need to do stuff with her.

Stop looking after my friends so much

I have given friends lifts, but this is on the way to my own home.  I have thought about this objective – it may be better summed up by looking at my assertiveness, being able to say no to things that do not suit me.

Make own christmas cards

It is weird making christmas cards in october, but I am selling some at a charity event at the beginning of November.  Half a dozen so far, set target of 18.  Symptom of making christmas cards so early is feeling jolly and having christmas tunes going round my head.

Rehab my injuries and get back my fitness/motivation

I have taken my first active steps to sort my foot out.  Booked into see the doctor, lets see what happens next

Get rid of some of the clutter in my home (sell it)

I have become working on removing clutter from my home.  I have taken some items to shops and got some cash which has been useful for supporting my financial objectives.

Overall one of the downsides of having so many objectives, a full time job, a gym schedule and a girlfriend is fitting it all in.  At the moment I feel exhausted.


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