Making hand made Christmas cards

I set some resolutions in the middle of this year to try and get me motivated.  One of those that I embraced was to make some hand made Christmas cards.

So I set the objective to make 20 Christmas cards and sell them for charity.

How did I get on?

Well firstly I needed some craft materials and after spending £25 I came back with various items.


I got some glitter glue to make stars


Some pom poms to make christmas tree decorations and a silver pen to do some nice writing


Various types of card


And some other random bits which I would use to make up cards.

I had a look at some tutorials, but after seeing some amazing cards, I decided to improvise and just sketched out ideas on a bit of paper.

My first efforts were basic and I thought a bit crude.  But I had made a start and thought of ways of making them a bit more appealing.


The process to make three cards took about two hours.  I decided I needed to simplify the process, so I cut the card shapes in bulk and made multiple versions of the same card.

After spending various nights working on christmas cards.  I had made 20 cards!


The quality varied and during my time making these cards, I made some simple cards.  But I also made some cards which were a bit more ambitious and required me to cut carefully with a craft knife and a board so I didn’t ruin the dining room table.


Some were fun to make, even though from a money making point of view were not worth the time.  Such as this one with the robins.


I also kept looking at christmas cards and stole some of there ideas, such as this one with the ‘3D’ christmas tree.


After all this hardwork I had forgotten two important elements

  1.  I needed some envelopes
  2.  There were no messages inside

So I measured out the cards and made some handmade envelopes.  Then I found some Christmas fonts on the Internet and printed out random greetings and stuck these inside the cards.

All that was left was to sell them!


So I took them to a pink day charity event at work and left them on the table, for people to buy.  Surprisingly my first two crude cards of santa and rudolph were the first to go.

By the end of the day I had sold 11 cards and raised about £13.  I was a bit disappointed that I did not sell more, but considering some of the designs looked a bit crappy I didn’t mind too much.  But I was unsure whether it was worth continuing doing handmade cards as a side hobby.

So now what?

It extended my creative side, but I did not think I was that good.  But then I thought practice makes perfect, so I bought a few more craft materials and made some more cards.

I made this for a friend who likes cats


And I wanted to do something special for the girlfriend as it was the first christmas together.


That card was a sign I was getting more confident with my designs.  It is also my favourite card so far.

Because I ran out of reasons to make christmas cards I decided to make a card for a friends wedding.

Then some one at work was off sick so I did a hand drawn ‘get well soon’ card.  They were feeling a bit down so I bought some glitter pens and focused on bright colours to cheer them up.


Most recently I decided to make a leaving card for someone at work.  She is a bit of a party girl, so I made her this.


I feel that this was a significant achievement for me as I cannot draw people.  But do not feel that I have done a bad job with this silhouette of a party girl.

Conclusion to the goal

I have made and exceeded the number of cards I intended to make and I did it within time scales.  To develop on this goal I intend to turn the hand made cards into a year round task so that I can constantly aim to improve my skills.


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