New Year Goals 2015

Towards the end of September I set myself some targets.

I called it the post mid year resolutions to reinspire a lack of focus.  I am please to say it worked – I have developed, and completed some of these objectives.

Now it is a New Year, I did not want to come up some random new objectives, but continue working on what I had set.  I found 2014, one of the most fulfilling years of my life for improvement and want this to continue.  So I reviewed what I set, with the plan to realistically develop my goals:


  • Rehab my injuries and get back my fitness/motivation
    • I still have injury problems, though they are not as noticeable as I am resting much more.  I now need to seek alternative support to ensure that I can get back to full race fitness in 2015.
  • Do stuff with girlfriend that does not impact on my fitness goals/Help girlfriend live a healthier lifestyle
    • I will merge this category into one for simplicity – we have started salsa dancing.  She has also expresses a desire to lose weight before we go on holiday in June.  This is an opportunity to look at our life styles.
  • Fix my bike and cycle more often
    • I fixed my back and have a month of cycling once a week – and then my tire went again.  I need to fix this – again as I really don’t want to give up my bike, especially as it is a good form of exercise that does not put pressure on my foot.
  • Find new fitness challenges for 2015
    • I am taking part in an obstacle race in Leicester which I have never compete in.  I will see how my foot manages the 5k distance.  I also want to reach the Holy Grail fitness challenge of achieving a beach body for my holiday in June.


  • Make own Christmas cards
    • Well I made my own Christmas cards.  I want to keep making cards throughout the year – for special occassions, christmas cards and labels.
  • Create more sketches for the blog
    • I have not done this at all.  I could keep this as an objective, but honestly, I am too busy.  I will remove this objective and focus on other tasks.
  • Go out and take more photographs
    • I take photographs when I go out.  I am not inseperable from my camera, but I take more pictures.  I feel this does not need to be an objective anymore.
  • Work on lowering word count of blog posts
    • This objective was about quality control in my writing.  I am doing this.  I want to make this objective ‘meatier’.  The Manifesto of Perfection started off based on my desire to “Just write something”.  Perhaps I will develop something from this?
  • Run an event
    • I am no closer to running an event.  I said I would do it by the end of 2015, but honestly – I will not organise anything if I continue like this.  I will keep this objective as this is something I really want to do, but I need a major rethink how this will be achieved.


  • Stop looking after my friends so much
    • I am actually doing this.  When I reflect on my life though I realise I am soft.  I get taken advantage of and stressed out because I am trying to please everyone.  This goal will be now known as “Be more assertive”
  • Help friend get laid
    • I wrote this task as a bit of a joke.  In reflection I feel mean, so will remove it.  I want to help friends, but I think I can do more positive things than making a suggestion that I would take them to a sex worker.


  • Get rid of some of the clutter in my home (sell it)
    • I got rid of some of my clutter and I made a few £££’s which were relatively small compared to what I paid.  My home looks better but there are still things I won’t part with, such as my guitar amp.  Perhaps I need to buy a new guitar and set a new objective of learning how to play.  Read more here.
  • Get a new job
    • I got a new job!  Read about it here.  My next step will probably be to develop an objective about my professional development in my new role.
  • Have a financial routine
    • How much fun are spreadsheets!  Said nobody but accountants and me.  But it is great organising my finances into an Excel document – it records my direct debits, sets budgets, plans how much to save for holidays, and keeps track of my savings.

So now I will reorganise this – removing stale goals, editing objectives which have evolved and may including some new ideas to inspire me.

What goals do you have for New Year?

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