January 2015: Goals Update

A week ago I reviewed my initial goals that I set in September.  As part of this process I gave a bit of time to think how I would develop, add and drop goals – as appropriate.  This has now been updated and I will be working on these tasks for the next three months, where I will review my progress.


The Goals

It contains some new ideas, old ideas that I have been able to articulate more clearly what I am supposed to be doing and old ideas – which I did not get round to doing for various reasons.  I have grouped them based on the categories I use with this blog:


  • Get support for my injury and take preventative measures during exercise
  • Do more fitness activities with girlfriend and cook together
  • Take part in a bike maintenance course, fix bike and cycle regularly
  • Find new fitness challenges


  • Make my own cards
  • Write a short book
  • Run an event


  • Be more assertive
  • Drive to a new place
  • Limit myself to no more than two hours of television a week
  • Reduce Internet usage


  • Document IT skills/knowledge applied at work
  • Become comfortable in my new job/make it my own
  • Develop my skills knowledge so that I can achieve for promotion


  • Keep a progress/positive action diary
  • Review goals every quarter of the year

There is a lot of work to do…

I actually set myself more goals than last time, which I did not intend to do – however there are a few that are relatively straight forward and two aim to save time (reduce TV and Internet) so if I am successful carrying out them, I can focus on everything else.

In the coming weeks I will be writing about how I intend to achieve them.

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