Stop running for a month

Last year when I listed my post new year resolutions, I did not want to add anything.  However around that time I was broken down with injuries – particularly around my feet and ankles.  So I decided to not run for a month

The last thing I wanted was another objective, but by not running I was not having to dedicate additional time.

Day One…

At first it was really hard to do – running had become a habit to me and because I have been quite obsessed with my body image, missing a few runs made me feel fat.

The plan was that I would focus on my cycling instead, but as this post shows, I have had a few problems with punctures and held back on that idea until I went on a bike maintenance course.

Over time it was not so difficult and I spent more time reading and focusing on indoor pursuits.  My physique declined and and I have gone a bit “average”.


Much later…

Before I knew it, one month had turned into four.

When February started I decided I needed to get back out there.  I was careful with my foot, going at a slow jog and short distances.  I had to be careful as the cold weather caused pain, so I double socked it.

The first run was okay.  My lungs where burning, but I had come home injury free.

Present day…

I am taking part in the Avalanche Run, so I wanted to push harder, but I did not want to risk injury prior to the race.  So that has been a point of frustration – but I have accepted my main goal is to finish the race without walking.

So here I am, back to being average man.


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