I love suits.

But this time last year I got the best bit of fashion advice – wear a suit with a pocket square.

So I bought one


I really liked the look of it.  It added a bit of extra colour and gave the impression that a serious effort had been made.

The only time I have worn them previously is at weddings and I realised – I looked quite good in all the photos.  Was it the pocket square?

Before I had time to consider the answer I bought another one.


Then I got another and another and another.  Soon my draw was full of pocket squares of various colours and design.

Pocket squares make sense if your budget is limited.  The suit is a big investment  – but the pocket square keeps that same suit looking fresh.

You can even coordinate it with a tie.

Anyway still don’t believe how good pocket squares are gents?

Why don’t you ask this guy?

Image: David Beckham Meets Fans At H&M In Beijing



Or this one?

ryan gosling

Or James Bond?

James Bond

I rest my case.

So if you’re going out this weekend put on the suit and fold in a pocket square.  You will look awesome and stand out from all the other deadbeats


3 thoughts on “It’s Friday! Wear a pocket square.

  1. I think every man should wear them with a suit. Cufflinks and tie bars are great too. They polish everything off and make a man look extra sharp.

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  2. Love your blog!
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    Would be very happy if i can have your feedback 🙂
    Trying to learn more through feedback in order to create a better blog for tomorrow.


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