Watch less than two hours of TV a week

In my January goals update I set myself the challenge to watch only two hours of TV a week.



As things stand, it looks pretty good, I no longer ‘marathon’ TV boxsets of shows I must watch.

And I limit myself to watching one episode of a show a week.


The only disadvantage is when I meet up socially with friends or at work when someone says “Did you watch…”

Actually no I didn’t…. I did some writing and made a handmade birthday card.

In reflection for this goal, I was already getting quite good at watching less and less TV.  You could ask me to name all the new shows that debuted last year and I think I would be lucky if I could count five on my fingers.

Therefore it was not a major struggle – it was just interesting that I have started keeping diary for my goals, including the negatives.  It shows how little TV I have watched.

I will continue to watch no more than two hours of television a week.  This is not really a challenge to me because I don’t miss it!  As a result I have written and drawn, spent more time with loved ones and focused on getting where I want to in my career.

In reflection I can’t believe how much of my life I have wasted being unproductive watching the box.

So what next for this goal?

For me I don’t feel like I need to monitor my TV use in such a way anymore.  I have gradually reduced how much TV I have watched since last year and as I add the two hour limit in my January goals, I have addressed how much binge watching I do with TV boxsets.

My plan now is to focus on my other goals.


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5 thoughts on “Watch less than two hours of TV a week

  1. I could deal with that… Except during Baseball Season, Football Season and um, Hockey Season. Actually, check that. It’s pretty much impossible – except during the All Star break for hockey and baseball.

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