2 Months Working – 2 Goals

money  In January I started a new job – something I was quite jubilant about due to the problems in the last place I worked.

This was an evident success of the goals I set in October, as I had tasked my self to find a new job.  So when I set my January goals, I wanted to work of my new found enthusiasm, by developing goals for my new job.

The Goals

I set two work related goals:

  1. Become comfortable in my new job/make it my own
  2. Develop my skills and knowledge so that I can achieve for promotion

Although I have not gone into quite so much detail I knew that the 1st point would be more or less completed by the time I did my quarterly goal review.

The 2nd point was based on my own aspirations and the fact that where I work now is quite an ambitious place – this is going to be a work in progress, and I will use my review period to develop specific ambitions.  But I am developing a strategy where the end result is to be promoted by the New Year.

Become comfortable in my new job

After my first few days in my job I could not tell you what I actually did and what was the purpose of the department.  Which is unusual, as everywhere else I work has a clear end product and daily duties.

Two months later, I understand what to do.  I realise that my job is not about routine tasks, but working round the needs of the department.

The post is what you make of it – I am encouraged to improve the systems in the office and this helps me towards job goal 2, as I am demonstrating why I should be promoted.

I now also know what the department does and can tell people more than ‘I work in project management.

Therefore I feel very comfortable in my job.

Deadbeat Predecessor

Making the job my own has turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be.

One of the big pressures in starting this new job was the increase in responsibility – therefore I did not want to mess up.  And an added pressure would be how to live up to the person I succeeded.

I soon found out that he was a terrible employee:

  • He came in late and left early
  • Was constantly sick (hungover)
  • Never delivered on any work given
  • Thought the job was beneath him
  • Moaned to everyone how he could do more and deserved a promotion.

His only redeeming feature seemed to be he was a really likeable person and I briefly felt a tinge of insecurity that I could not be so popular much.

But that soon went as it became apparent everyone was sick of carrying him – it just goes to show being the popular guy is not always a guarantee for success.

I really had this deadbeat to thank because he really lowered the standard of what was expected. Therefore to be seen as a good employee all I had to do was:

  • Be punctual
  • Not be off sick without good reason
  • Deliver on work given to me
  • Be willing to get my hands dirty
  • Be ambitious to develop in my role, but not expect a promotion to be handed to me on a plate

Be Punctual

But I was never going to settle at average and went above and beyond, so I have to reiterate thanks to my deadbeat predecessor.

And because of this I have been trusted to run my own project – this involves creating my own website and presenting at executive meetings!

If only deadbeat had put in the effort he might have got responsibility more fitting for his “intelligence”.

The Future

So now I am happy I have made the job my own – the old regime is dead.  Long live James the reformed perfectionist, who really wants to prove himself…  Now onto working for promotion.

GOALSETTINGManifesto of Perfection – Goal Setting Month



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