Thanks to The Bouncing Souls

This year I am filled with happiness.  But in the past I have suffered a lot with my moods.

I have always believed in the power of music to make us feel emotions – it can lift you out of a bad place or motivate you.

One of my favourite lift up songs is Gone by The Bouncing Souls.

I first discovered The Bouncing Souls when I was in an accident at work, I was laid up at home with a smashed up face, so I didn’t want to be seen in public.

Fortunately I had a working Internet connection and my mum had bought a load of music magazines to keep me occupied.

In one of the magazines I saw an advertisement for Punk-O-Rama Vol.1 DVD.  So I went over to Amazon and purchased it.

When it arrived there were some bands I had heard of, but one group stood out and have been with me ever since.

I listened to Gone and I felt so much better.  From that day, I would play it whenever I was down.

One time I was so bad I listened to it constantly on repeat on my I-Pod until the battery ran out.

When you listen carefully to the lyrics of the song, you realise it is about how music can lift you out of your darkest times.

So was it fate that I would find this song in my darkest time?

It is over 13 years since I had that accident and I have listened to that song many time to lift my spirits.  When I listen to it today, I don’t feel the same emotions.

I don’t feel sad.

I don’t feel depressed

And that is how I know I am content with what I have, because I don’t need the song to create positive emotions, it’s purely for the pleasure that it is a great, great song.

So thanks to the Bouncing Souls for being with me during the bad and good times.


“It was a darkness all my own
a song played on the radio,
but it went straight to my heart
I carried it with me
until the darkness was gone…”

The Bouncing Souls – Gone


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