New Year Goals – The Progress so far

My current goals were last updated in January.

Here is my quarterly review for how I have been progressing.


Get support for my injury and take preventative measures during exercise

I am better!  Read about my comeback here

Do more fitness activities with girlfriend and cook together

We were going to do a dance class on a Sunday evening – but I did not want to be out late when I had work the next day, so back to sorting that.  We have been getting together and cooking once a week though.

Take part in a bike maintenance course, fix bike and cycle regularly

I did go on a bike maintenance course, but it was not great – read about it here.  I did manage to fix my bike on my own steam and now am back on the road!

Find new fitness challenges

Read about what I am doing here.


Make my own cards

With Christmas out of the way, it has stopped being a ‘factory’ of making cards.  This has made cards I have made more enjoyable and I have been able to put more time and effort into making better cards.

Write a short book

I have begun writing chapters for a short book.  But because I have dedicated so much time to the blog recently, this has suffered.  My aim before my next review is to have a full book in a 1st draft format.

Run an event

Read about my lack of action here


Be more assertive

Read about my plan to not be a pushover here

Drive to a new place

I drove to a new place, therefore this goal will be ending.  I wrote about it here and here!

Limit myself to no more than two hours of television a week

I have been following this.  I would quite like to reduce this further.  Read my thoughts on this here.

Reduce Internet usage

I feel my Internet usage is a lot more ‘practical’ than it used to be.  But I don’t feel like I have reduced my usage.


Document IT skills/knowledge applied at work

I have settled in my job and have been documenting knowledge that is not written down anywhere.

Recently I started using SharePoint.  As part of my website, I have a page that contains all my knowledge. – I could write more, but I am not that enthusiastic about pushing this goal further, time to end it.

Become comfortable in my new job/make it my own

I have done this – read about how I settled in here

Develop my skills/knowledge so that I can achieve for promotion

This is a work in progress.  I decided that I needed more clarity on how to achieve this.  So I wrote about it here


Keep a progress/positive action diary

This is sort of being done – read about my experiences here

Review goals every quarter of the year

You’re reading my quarterly review right now!

Next steps

So that is my goal review for March.  I will be refreshing my goal ambitions and they will contain:

  • Further details on goals that have been developed
  • New directions for goals that are not going to plan
  • Removing goals that are complete
  • Removing goals that have reached an end of life
  • Adding new goal aspirations for the Spring quarter.

These will be reviewed in June.  So lots of work to do.




Manifesto of Perfection – Goal Setting Month

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