Goals for Spring 2015

Goals for Spring

After taking the month of March to seriously reflect on my goals, I have made time to move things forward and define what I want to do over the next three months.



Fitness and Nutrition

1) Have a weekly cooking session with girlfriend and do a low impact fitness class together.

2) Get race fit for the Spartan Sprint and Super races in July.

3) Build up to doing 10 miles of cycling per week.

4) Find a new gym to fit round work

5) Run two 5k races and a 10k race

6) Find a duathlon race for Autumn and train for it

7) Reduce sugar, alcohol and bread consumption



8) Make more cards over the summer – focus on developing skills.

9) Develop craft activity ideas for visits by niece and nephew

10) Continue to write a short book – aim to complete first draft 10,000 words

11) Begin research, set plan and set a location/venue for an event



12) Be more assertive by reading self-help books, studying people, writing a rules list and saying no more often

13) Always make time for my loved ones

14) Learn basic Portuguese – (this includes: Introductions, Basic discussion, ordering food and ordering train tickets) 



15) Develop knowledge to attain promotion by the end of 2015.

16) Start a side business to make additional income.



17) Watch less than two hours of TV a week.

18) Limit Internet usage to 1 hour per night

19) Maintain positive and negative action diary

20) Review goals in month of June

Thoughts for the next three months:

I have set a lot of goals over for the Spring months.  A part of me knows I should be cutting back and focusing on particular areas.  But the problem is I want to do too much.

In my June review – if I find that I struggling I will seriously cut down what I am doing.

I am quietly confident about some as they are a small daily/weekly routine and others are quick task to complete.

Some are quiet ambitious – these are my biggest risk of failure.

So here goes, time to get to work.


Manifesto of Perfection Goal Setting Month


7 thoughts on “Goals for Spring 2015

  1. as opposed to side income, there are so many things you can do online that can help you.. what did u have in mind for side business? I also do language exchanges it amazing how people will pay to have a practice partner to help them with english. Also this helps with the learn Portuguese you can exchange your english for someone else Portuguese. just a thought! it helped me alot with keeping up my spanish 🙂

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