Goal Setting Month: Retrospective

It is the last day of goal setting month and as a mini goal for March I set the aim of writing a blog article everyday.

I have never had a theme month before so wanted to make it special and try to keep it relevant to goal setting – though this was not always possible.

To be honest, among working full time, trying to regain my fitness, balancing my family and goals – it was really hard!

Thanks to the WordPress schedule button, technically I did not write a blog post everyday, but I did scramble to put notes together on the bus and in my lunch break.

It has been really good to test how much I can actually do – this makes me think how effectively I use my time.  And I have taken a good period of reflection to move my goals forward for the Spring.

Goals for Spring

I really enjoyed doing it, I have found writing therapeutic –  though I know that I can’t possibly sustain a 7 day a week blog schedule without taking a dive in quality and sacrificing time on my other writing goal (to write a short 10,000 word draft book).

But it has inspired me to maintain a more regular writing schedule, so I am going to see how I get on writing 3 or 4 times a week.

Here are my favourite writings for the month:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Destruction – Part One and Part Two

Simplify your goals – Do, Doing, Done

Find new fitness challenges: If not now, when?

The Art of Keeping an Action Diary

GOALSETTINGBest of luck for you in your dreams and goals

– James


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