Making Hand Made Cards 2015

Although I have not made hand made cards with the same intensity as I did around Christmas.  I have made a few cards for various occasions.



I have really upped my game since I started Card making.  Although I enjoyed the work I did at Christmas I did feel that they were amateurish.

I also had a limited budget which meant I was creating dozens of cards from limited stock.

They say practice makes perfect and with time, effort, persistence and opportunity to increase my stock of craft making materials I feel I am producing some high quality cards.

Card making became my creative pursuit because all my hobbies involved exercise, which was no good when I was tired and wanted to relax.

Everyday is a learning process as I learn new techniques.  Sometimes I have no idea what I am going to design and am inspired only by colours or particular craft items.

I also keep a supply of recycled materials and buy cheap cards to cut up for my work.

The only problem now is my small box is increasingly becoming bigger and I need to sort out all my materials.

Till next time “I think I am the only man that makes his own cards” James



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