What I have been doing the last three weeks (in pictures)

Usually when I have a long term break from writing I usually don’t have an excuse and have just been lazy.  But this time I have the perfect excuse – as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words I thought I would save the time writing by explaining the last three weeks in pictures.

Firstly I got a confirmation date to move into the first ever house I would be buying.

I packed all my stuff as quick as possible.


While the missus was hard at work sorting out all the bills, I sat round taking selfies with my parents cat.


And loaded up my car boxy brown with as much as possible


This was probably too much and I freaked out when I couldn’t start boxy.  But after a few attempts I set off


It was a hectic day involving a lot of collecting of compiled bits of family furniture, a pick-up truck and a memory foam mattress that nearly ended up blowing onto the M62.  Quiet stupidly I had bought tickets to see Madness.


So I left a half assembled bed, loads of boxes and bits of draws piled everywhere with the missus while I enjoyed myself with the bruv.

On the way back to my new home I decided I knew where I was going and did not need the SAT-NAV.  I ended lost driving slow looking for road signs – all I found where smiling prostitutes showing me the goods (no pics of that).

That was the first day of my hiatus…

The next week was continuing to balance settling in the new house with work.  I got the most important thing – TV set up, frustratingly the Broadband connection did not work.


I would some how have to cope.  I thought I would start by moving some of the unpacked boxes into a less disorganised state.


Fortunately it was the week I did the Spartan Beast race – so I did that final prep to blag convincingly run a 14/15 mile obstacle race and complete the Spartan Trifecta (that is to run the three distances in a year)


And I did!  I completed the Spartan Beast in 5 hours 2 minutes – which wasn’t fast, but it was a major high for me as it showed how much I could endure.

Now I had the next test… to endure the 5+ hour drive back home (why do I do these things?)


And so I returned on a Sunday night tired and beat up at a destination that was probably nearer for French Spartans than myself.

The next day I  realised I didn’t get the ‘medal shot’ because my Sprint and Super medals where packed away somewhere.  So I got them out and got a retrospective shot.


As I had some time off and was having a rest day, what could I do?  Watch TV?  No I did this…


Spartans!  What is you’re profession?  Woof! Woof! Woof!

The next day was sunny so I decided to work on the garden.


I was still pretty sore – but the adrenaline of doing hard work got me through it.


After a few enjoyable days of working on the house, unfortunately I had to go back to work.  Time was broken up with celeb spotting – here is ‘Mini-me’ Verne Troy


What can’t you see him right next to that lamp post?

More time has been spent working on the house and on 7th October I finally got the Internet connection working, so here I am back online.

Anyway what has this got to do with self-improvement?  I am not sure – maybe sometimes life gets in the way and you just learn to manage.  Sometimes other responsibilities take priority.

It was a really stressful three weeks – I coped with other loading my schedule with activities (a few which I could have sacrificed).  To top all this off I even managed to get promoted at work.  I really have to support my missus and the family for their support during this time – I don’t know how I would have got through it all.

Everything seems to change in September…


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