New Year Resolutions

I don’t dismiss those who set New Year resolutions.

Sure there are some elements that if they really wanted to achieve something that could have started at some other point during the other 365 days of the year.  But I think it is better than not having any goals/aims/ambitions at all!

In 2015 I found my dependency to Energy Drinks increased.  I used to drink them when I was feeling a mid-afternoon tiredness at work and it is only in the past couple of months I realise I was buying them as a daily routine whether I was tired or not.

Because of reading horror stories of people having heart attacks it is not a habit I wanted to keep continuing.

And when I had smokers in my office turning round and telling me that they were bad for you, I knew I had to stop!

Now this is perfect New Year Resolutions material.  However  I realised this problem in November, so why would I excuse myself for two months to quit?

So I started the next day.  And the first week went well, then I went to someones house party.

“Wanna Jagaer bomb?”

“Sure” I said.

And so I messed up my 1 week streak.  But I didn’t let it get me down and then I started again.

I managed to not touch them for over a month and then the week before Christmas I was in the shop looking at the drinks and saw Relentless was on special offer.

“Oh well it is Christmas” I thought

“One can’t hurt” I reassured myself.

I then proceed for the rest of the week to go back to my daily energy drink fix.

But I won’t let these failures put me off.  And so a couple of days before Christmas I started my ‘Energy Drink Embargo’ again.

So I begin the 1st January with the clear resolution to “Quit having energy drinks”.

Sure I have had two blips but it was good getting a start with it.

I guess my point is New Year Resolutions are good, but if you decide that you want to change your life in some way during the coming year then why wait to January 1st?  Start when you are eager to change!


Happy New Year everyone!


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