Blog Resolutions

I have decided to set myself some blog targets – this is purely to encourage consistency and good habits.



The Manifesto of Perfection will follow on twice a week publishing schedule Wednesday and Sunday, though I may publish additional adhoc content from time-to-time.


Make efforts to read the blogs of everyone who has liked, commented or followed my blog.  I used to be really good at returning visits – but with time constraints I have really been neglecting this.  My best approach is to find 10 minutes a day and use this to look at other blogs.


To only comment if I feel that if it adds value – that can be anything from personal experiences to just saying that I really liked what a blogger wrote.

New blogs

I used to spend a bit more time looking out for new blogs – I don’t do this anymore.  I do like reading the works of others – it helps me improve my craft and sometimes inspires my own writing reading about others experiences.  It is good to add some new blogs to my reading list as other time certain bloggers stop writing – so I see less and less content on the news feed.

Explore new categories

I have kept my categories reasonabley water tight since I started, but the more and more I write I sometimes find it stretches the category.  This is a good thing as it is how my blogging and writing is evolving and growing.  Each day I find myself being tested and have produced more challenging to myself.

Stay tuned!


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