Current Goals April 2016


A while ago I talked about having a System.

This was a process of replacing my goals under the Scott Adams logic that goals are for losers, you need to have a system.

In someways I do have a system but saying “I will work hard to achieve a promotion” and “I will maintain a regular exercise routine” just didn’t cut it.

in a way the System remains – I know what I want to achieve and what needs maintaining and it has been a good way of prioritising what really matters.

But now I really want to set myself some clear goals to achieve.  Here they are:


  • Weight 12 stone 1 pound by 12th November 2016
  • Be able to run 10k again in sub 45 minutes.
  • Squat and deadlift 120kg
  • Be able to do 20 pull-ups again



  • Start snacking only on fruit and nuts
  • Start drinking green tea on a regular basis
  • Ensure to cook all my work dinners


  • Become DSDM Agile Foundation Qualified
  • Use my creativity to encourage a more innovative workplace
  • Become more involved with stakeholder engagement
  • (Leading to) obtaining a promotion
  • Continue my non-blog writing


  • Expand my reading list to include more history and science books
  • Read 2 books a month
  • Keep having holidays
  • Decorate two more rooms in the house
  • Keep improving the garden

I think these are enough goals for now.  Most of these are achievable, some of them read more like a system (like the garden one) – the important thing is to keep an active and happy life going.


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