With my weight gain, it made me realise how it easy to lose control and gain wait.  More worryingly I could neglect this or have an accident that stops my ability to exercise more than I consume.  Fortunately I have that level of control where I think enough is enough and do something about (usually looking at myself in the mirror and noticing I look fatter).

Surprisingly, not everyone shares these concerns about getting fat and the health implications that come with it.  In fact there are movements such as ‘fat acceptance’ and ‘body positive’ – where they embrace this increasingly worrying issue.

To me you should never accept being fat – getting fat is a sign that you have made many bad choices in your life and should take action to correct this.

The Fat Acceptance movement seems to treat themselves as the victims – those who mock them or merely suggest that they should make changes to their lifestyle get abuse – almost like they didn’t get themselves fat, it’s just they happen to catch fat like it was a disease.

They are in a delusional world where they make out that being fat is something that cannot be changed like the colour of someones skin.  They think people who criticise fat people hate them – here is news for you – we don’t!fatacceptance

Love – it’s not just men judging, everyone does!

The dangerous thing with fat acceptance and being body positive is it teaches people to not take personal responsibility and tell themself “I am fine the way I am, it’s everyone else’s problem”

So even for people like myself, writing something like this makes me feel like I am being mean and slightly shallow – but I shouldn’t because what I am saying is doing them a favour – whether it is avoiding diseases, looking and feeling good about themselves, being able to walk down the road without getting out of breath or even the embarrassment of not being able to fit in a plane seat (and note the author of this story blames others…)

There is no reason why you should not be watching what you eat and doing some sort of exercise regime.

Note that I said exercise – I go to the gym, run, cycle, swim, do obstacle races – but no one expects you to be a crazy bastard or maintain the standard of a fitness magazine cover model.

But you should be observing some sort of exercise and healthy eating regime to be a system of your life and that can be playing tennis, gym or just making more effort to walk to places.

It is worrying that there are people in their 20’s already having health problems – my concern is when they get to their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s what sort of nightmarish existence they will live (if they get that far).

If you are fat and are trying to lose the weight – well done, I applaud you and respect you for wanting to make your life better.  If you are fat and do nothing but sit on your backside doing nothing but writing sardonic comments on Twitter while stuffing down Doritos down your fat gullet, then you really need to take a long look in the mirror and think – do you want a life of ill health, depression and feeling second best?

No thought not.

End Note: it too late to throw in the “I used to be fat, so it’s okay for me to say these things”?

5 thoughts on “The danger of Fat Acceptance

  1. While your mastery of the English language is less than perfect, you do make several good points. I’m less inclined to go all intellectual over the whole mess though. The woman in that photo is gnarly fat. Like you said, she didn’t catch fat. On the other hand, she is clearly not going to live to be very old in her state, the odds and science are clearly not on her side. What idiot of a guy would want her to be the mother of his children when she probably won’t live to see them through college? Nobody with a brain in their skull… That’s not the point though. Fat is good. Obesity is good. Unhealthy is good. Who won’t be collecting their pension or social security that starts (in the US) in the mid 60’s? She won’t. She may be proud of that big ass till the day she dies but she likely won’t reach retirement age. So it’s not all bad, eh?

    Think about it for a second. It may be cold, but as long as she is happy, it’s all good. Right?


    1. Thinking from that perspective that does seem like a benefit. However with being in the UK there would likely be dietitians, gastric bands, diabetes treatment all paid for by the tax payer. I would say that if they want treatment, they should pay for their self-inflicted gluttony.

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      1. Now see, the taxpayer doesn’t have to bear the brunt of the front end problems with obesity as we’re each (thanks to Obamacare, even more now than before) responsible for our own health care up until social security kicks in at 65. That’s a great point you make and you’re absolutely right.


      2. In an ideal world (or country) it would be good if there was some sort of system to monitor the choices people make in their lives and expect them to pay out the majority of all of the bills. But that would probably not go down well in the UK. Have to see how our ‘sugar tax’ comes in!

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      3. Yes sir, and therein lies the rub with freedom. The more someone else is forced to pay for my choices, the more say they feel they have in the choices I make.

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