Manifesto: Origins

A while ago I was nominated for one of those blogger recognition awards.

I am not very good a meeting the requirements of those sorts of things, but I thought I would blatantley steal what I was asked to do and turn it into my own post, without doing the hard bit of finding 15 blogs to nominate and subsequently post in, informing that they have been nominated…

The Rules:

So as part of this award I was asked to:

  1. Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post and give a brief story of how your blog started.
  3. Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.

So to start with thank to Pearly @ DESIGNINGLIFE for the nomination.  Not quite sticking to the rules…

The Story:

I started writing my blog in February 2014.  At the time I was unhappy with the direction my life was going, in particular one of my main frustrations was my job.


The first header….

One of the ideas I had to escape from my job was to start freelance writing on the side.  But I never wrote anything.  I had done blogging before for a voluntary organisation where I would publish weekly thought provoking articles.

So I decided to start writing:

1) to get back into the practice of writing content

2) to have the discipline to meet set deadlines.

I probably would have started blogging earlier – but one of my main procrastinations was – “but I don’t know what to write about.”  – I was never going to be a freelance writer with that attitude.

In the meantime I was doing a lot of reading on self-improvement – I was keeping fit, trying to improve my social skills to improve my relationship prospects and looking for side interests beyond exercise.  So voila!  My idea was that I should write about that.

And the rest is history

My advice:

I could say many things, but I will go with the basics for any new starter – Just write!

When I first started I worried too much about my writers voice.  My blog is called the Manifesto of Perfection and my idea was to have the writers voice of a perfectionist.  I am not actually a perfectionist, but trying to act like one stifled my creativity.  It was really difficult holding that and as the blog moved on the real me came out more and more.

Therefore just write something, review it and publish it.  One of the most satisfying things is seeing my work evolve and grow as my life improved from the changes I made since I first started writing.

Another bit of advice – there is an increasing trend in overnight validation and the desire of making passive income from blogging.  Neither are likely to come otherwise everyone would do this.  I will probably elaborate on this topic in future…

So thanks for stopping by, hopefully you will keep reading my blog to indulge in all things self-improvement related

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