Another Milestone – 1000 Likes

On another average day I open up my WordPress notifications to find this:


So let me thank you all  for reading, following and liking posts on this blog.

My next milestones to aim for is 1000 followers or 1000 posts.  I can’t comment how soon I will get 1000 followers, but from my estimations if I continue averaging 2 posts a week I should get my 1000th blog post medal around some time after my 40th birthday (So about seven years).

In the meantime if I could hand out 5 likes to any of my blog posts I would probably choose these:

The Tower – a story of when I went for an interview and found that being an introvert hindered my progress.

Karate Instructor Dream – I once wanted to be a Karate instructor – what happened?  Well… the politics.

My Hell – it seems like a past life but for a short period, I took time off work for stress.  Here is how it started.

3 Insightful Self-Improvement Reads – there are some really great books to read.  This details three of my favourites.

Be SMART with your New Year Resolution Goals – my first post, probably not in the top 5, but I felt it deserved my ‘like’ just for finally getting started with a blog.


Thanks for reading.  Here is to my sustained writing about my self-improvement journey for at least another seven years!

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9 thoughts on “Another Milestone – 1000 Likes

  1. Congrats on the milestone.
    I was wondering if you could check out some of my self improvement articles on
    It would help me out tremendously and I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

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