Fast Friday 17/06/2016

Welcome to Fast Friday – a little summary of some of the things I have been doing this week

What I am watching

Game of Thrones Season 6.  I am a big fan of the Song of Ice and Fire book series, which I got into because of the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.  This makes it one of my rare fiction reads.


But this season has been disappointing, there are no major ‘wow’ moments and that dread on that the main characters are about to die has gone.  Perhaps this is because they don’t have the direction of George RR Martin books anymore?  I feel I am just watching now because I want to see how it ends as I am not sure Martin will ever get there, but it does feel like a bastardardised fan-fiction/theory version of the show.

What I am reading

Napoleon on Project Management.  This is my second read of this book – I like my history (especially the Napoleonic era) and because I work in Project Management I knew this book was for me.  It’s good because it applies his mind-set to modern Project Management Theory, particuraly the PMP methodology.


If you hear stories of me invading Austria you know it worked well.

What I am digging

I saw the T-Rex running the American Ninja Warrior course and thought I was going to see someone just fail right from the start.  I mean the additional weight on the T-Rex suit is bad enough, but it is also not the most practical thing to move around an obstacle course in.


So to watch it take on most of the course was a big surprise.  Watch the video here of this athletic achievement.  Surely there is some sort of Guinness World Record here?

Thanks for reading.  If you have any suggestions or comments then drop me a tweet or e-mail me on


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