Going legit…


When I first started blogging I decided that if I was still doing it after a year I would find myself a domain name.

It is now nearly two and a half years since I have been blogging, so I decided it was time to really ‘go legit’….

The site Godaddy had a sale on of 99 pence for your first domain purchase, which even for a tight Yorkshire man like myself, even I saw the value in that price!


What domain name?

The hardest bit was deciding what name to settle with – I didn’t want it to be too wordy, or have letters that clashed so manifestoofperfection.domain was out.

In the end I was spending weeks deliberating over the best combination.  In the end I decided that I liked perfectmanifesto.com it wasn’t too wordy, suited the image of the blog I have been doing for the last two years and actually had a dot-com address!


Exciting times ahead…

Doing this has been really exciting for me.  I have a bit of background working in IT, but have never actually owned my own domain name.

I have already learnt a few things about buying a domain name for an established blog:



I learnt all about ‘mapping’.  Without getting too into detail, I realised I also had to make a purchase via WordPress so that all my posts would display the Perfectmanifesto.com/page-link-name format!

I couldn’t find much on what happens when you buy a domain name for a WordPress site, so I had that nervous moment where I paid to get this format, but hopefully it looks okay.



So in total the cost was 99p for the domain for the year and 13 dollars (about £9.05 in British Sterling) to WordPress for year.  Making a total of £10.04, which I think is a pretty good deal for the use I get from blogging.



I am still in my early stages with being a domain owner, but somewhere down the line I may write something on the experience.  For now I am just hoping that everyone is able to read without technical problems!



If anyone else is thinking about buying a domain for their WordPress blog then please feel free to drop me a message below, e-mail me on averageperfect@outlook.com or drop me a Tweet on my new Twitter account (yes I have also got into that now too!)

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