Fast Friday 01/07/2016

Welcome to another week of ‘Fast Friday’ where I write about a few things I have been doing this week

What I am reading

48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (again).  I first discovered the works of Robert Greene a couple of years ago and have been addicted to his words ever since.  The ’48 Laws’ is like a self-help book that focuses on the dark arts to increase your power and influence.

The book takes historical examples such as Machiavelli to establish a set of laws.  The plotting an scheming is like a real life Game of Thrones.  If you read one book this year it must be this!



What I am digging

I love this blog post from Amatopia called ‘Trolling for Amateurs and How to Make the Internet Work for You’ I particularly like his comments on how he has made the Internet work for himself and think this is a good general set of rules for everyone.

I will let you read the post for yourself, but I have noticed with social media and blogs there is a tendency for people to promote themselves (Buy from my business!  View my blog!  Download my E-Book!  Join my training plan!) without concern for individual wants.  Perhaps it is time we started being altruistic on the Internet to people without expecting something in return.


What I am pondering

I was speaking to my grandad about the death of Jo Cox, his local MP.  As his local MP he felt the impact of her death, knowing many people in the community who witnessed the incident and meeting Jo once or twice.  He made the comment

“You know, no real man attacks a woman – whatever she believes in”

After the Brexit vote, I saw a video of some masked men attacking a female right-wing journalist.  Men like my grandfather didn’t go to war for people to behave like either of these ‘men’ –  regardless of their political beliefs.  I do wonder how many real men are actually left in my  country?


Thanks for reading.  If you have any suggestions or comments then drop me a tweet or e-mail me on


9 thoughts on “Fast Friday 01/07/2016

    1. Not read that one yet. Have got through the 50th Law (aka the part 50 cent biography) which is surprisingly good and am making a start on Mastery. A great thought provoking author

      1. Definitely worth getting into at somepoint. Not even half way through Mastery, but in many ways I do feel the book is Robert Greene’s way of illustrating his mastery of the written word and understanding human behaviour.:)

  1. Nice post, Brexit, Jo Cox – it is all rather awful. The political games incredible – and Gove has the audacity to stand for leader/PM ?!! what has the world come to.. With all the tributes to Somme – really your grand dad and his peers gave a lovely world to live in and – and what are doing… I had tears with all the Battle of the Somme tributes and felt so so so awful about all the horrid event that have happened in the uk. Poor Jo Cox – how – no words. but for me I sick to the tummy by Gove. The world knows you stabbed * 2 person and you still stand – zero morals

    The book sounds interesting – but when you mentioned the dark arts – I was like – eeek no – not for me.

    I look forward to you next book recommendation it might be for me..

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Uncertain times ahead – the brexit has illustrated a divide in the UK, therefore to replace Cameron we need someone strong to lead the party and bring the waring factions together. But that is easier said than done!

      I think if anything with the 48 Laws, I have read it and the approaches are not necessarily pleasant and in many circumstances two faced, but it is interesting to learn triats of those with sociopathic tendencies 🙂

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Thanks for the kind words James! I try (key word: try) to make every post practical, even the serious ones. Glad you found it useful!

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