Fast Friday 24/06/2016

Welcome to another week of ‘Fast Friday’ where I write about what I have been up to this week.

What I am watching

I caught Punk Britannia on BBC4 (Which you can watch the first episode here), as a fan of the US 90’s punk scene, I have always respected it’s roots.  So this was something I wanted to watch.

Currently I have finished episode 2 (the fall of punk), episode 3 covers the Post-Punk scene, I hope that it doesn’t make the same mistake that many other TV shows make where they assume that punk started dying round the time the Sex Pistols split and disappeared in the early 80’s when New Wave came along.

If I had a time machine one of the places I would go is to check out that emerging punk scene of the 70’s – The Sex Pistols, Joe Strummer, The Jam, Sham 69….  I guess this three part documentary will have to do.

What I am reading

I am going back through all my old books.  This time I am focusing on Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) with his book ‘How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of my Life’.

This book was one of the early influences that helped shape my blog to what it is today, so I owe a lot to it – I even wrote a review about it.

Upon second reading of it, it’s an enjoyable read – it suffers a lot from what a lot of biographical self-help books do – the author has an opinion on how to be successful, here is my thoughts on how to do it.  As long as you pick and choose what works and not follow everything blindly, then the advice is good.

After my original read I was hung up on Systems vs goals, where I ended up not having goals, I came to realise that although having a system is important – these should always have goals.  So although being fit and making sure I don’t get fat is part of my system, I need to add goals to this to help maintain it.


What I am lifting

I have been getting back into running – I do the 2 mile run from the Park and Ride every morning and evening 4 times a week.  As I carry a big back pack every morning my legs are really feeling the pressure!

Normally I would start to neglect leg days to help the recovery, but I have been persevering.  It’s hard work as my legs are really sore, but they feel pretty strong for pushing through.  It is creating added benefits as I am starting to feel my ability to do explosive sprinting return.



Thanks for reading.  If you have any suggestions or comments then drop me a tweet or e-mail me on

Here is to your health – have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Fast Friday 24/06/2016

      1. Hi James, Not right now, I am all over the shot with books – do you ever have 3 on ago .? Actually, I am no a bit of reading slump – right now. Busy reading blog stuff. lol. Bella

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