Can’t hide forever

I am in a most unfortunate situation.  I work in a building where my ex works.

We don’t work for the same company thank God!  But she works for the business that has the floor space a couple of levels down.

I always accepted that there was a likelihood I would bump into her.

And up to this point my strategy for handling the situation has been to take cover and hide wherever possible.


Once I saw she was walking towards me so I dived into the nearest store, which happened to be a Starbucks.  To not arouse suspicion I stood in the queue making sure the coast was clear.

The barista goes “What can I get you?”  Realising I hate coffee, I say “It’s okay, I changed my mind!” and I suspiciously walked out the store to many looks.

It was inevitable that I couldn’t keep hiding.

One morning after a hard workout, I walk to the store to get eggs.  I am about to enter through the door, when she comes out of the exit.  I am in a choke point… there is no escape this time.

For a split second I think I could blank her and pretend I had not seen her, but it’s too late… she’s looking me directly in the eyes, unless she’s gone blind there no getting out of this one – and I don’t see a white stick.

“Hello…” I say “Hello!” she says in her enthusiastically fake manner.  I feel my whole body shaking, it could be from the gym or it could be because I don’t want to be in this situation.

We make small talk for a minute when she goes “Well, got to go!  I am already late for work!” I count my blessings as she waddles off.

I don’t really feel hungry now, but buy the eggs anyway.  I feel bad for a split second, all that hurt she once created, but then it stops.

I think of all the good things that happened to me as a result of how she treated me – getting in the best shape of my life, finding a good job, not being a deadbeat who sits at home and plays video games and of course Vicky – a girl who saw something good in me when I was ready to check-out of the relationship game.

With the ex treating me bad it created that ‘trigger’, where I was determined to keep building a better life that continues to this day.  I laugh and think “God, she is fatter than ever” and continue with my life.

I guess I can’t keep hiding forever


4 thoughts on “Can’t hide forever

    1. Indeed, but only if he work hand in hand with time, which he obviously did so kudos to you for that James 😉

      Now, get back in there for another 10 sets of curls >:D

      Your pal,

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