Fast Friday 05/08/2016

Welcome to another week of ‘Fast Friday’ where I write about what I have been doing this week

What I am listening to

I probably have inflicted far too much love for my favourite band – The Bouncing Souls on this blog, if you have ever followed a band for over a decade you might understand the fan devotion that I have – listening to their music to help me through the good times and the bad.

This week has been a good one I have just received their latest album Simplicity in the post earlier this week.  While I was waiting for the CD, I was getting hyped up with this track that had an early YouTube release:

What I have been doing

This week I have also got to see them live at the Parish, in Huddersfield.  As I live in England and they are from New Jersey in the US – I don’t get to see them often.  The last time they came to the UK was about three years ago and it was well worth the wait!


The venue was like a giant, converted shedgarage – it was hot, it was crowded, it was loud, it was amazing.  I’ve seen the Souls play about half a dozen times and I think this was the best show they had put on.  It helped that the crowd seemed so pumped to see them, which is a benefit of international bands visiting the smaller towns – everyone is so much more appreciative to have them!

It was quite emotional as every time I go see them I am at a different stage in my life.  When they come to UK next time I will be a married man!

This week was a very Bouncing Souls themed one, so I feel positive just writing this.  Thanks for reading True Believer – Keep having those dreams and you will be free! and feel free to drop me a tweet or e-mail me on about gym, self-improvement or if you want whatever your favourite Bouncing Souls song is


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