Fast Friday 07/06/2017: Quality rather than quantity

Welcome to the return of Fast Friday a little post where I talk about some things I have done recently.

What I have been reading

I just finished Gorilla Mindset from Danger and Play creator Mike Cernovich.  Upon purchasing the book description said:

“Gorilla Mindset teaches you how to take control of your thoughts and emotions and live life on your terms.”

Great I thought.  But upon buying and reading the book I found it disappointingly underwhelming.

Firstly there was the glaringly obvious obvious typos which I didn’t expect from a writer of Cernovich’s status.  I am talking about errors so obvious that some with a mastery of the basics in English would pick upon it.

Perhaps my disappoint came from the fact it didn’t live up to the hype from the Amazon reviews which gave it the impression that it was a life changing book.  For me it was just another by the numbers self-improvement book with advice you can read in any standard by the numbers health, mindset or self-improvement book.

Perhaps I have read too many books in the self-help field, I suppose if you are new to the area it might help but otherwise it doesn’t offer anything different.

I do spot a worrying trend of popular websites publishing poorly written books.  I don’t know if they get more motivated by the holy grail of passive income from book sales – so there is more motivation for quantity rather than quality.

The risk is they potentially lose readers and future custom at the expense of one sale.

It’s a shame about the lack of original thought, attention to detail and being able to structure sentences properly because their is a lack of good authors aimed at the male self-improvement market.

What I am lifting 

Speaking of quantity over quality – I have taken serious effort to drop plates with my lifts.  This has resulted in my body thanking me, grateful that I don’t spend half my week hobbling around.

Dropping ego lifting has the benefit of making serious improvement to my muscle development.  A sacrifice worth making – It just shows heavy does not necessarily mean better.

What I am watching on YouTube

And this leads me to introducing you to the work of Jeff Caliere, aka Athlean-X on YouTube.

He has played a massive part in improving my form recently.  As a 15+ year gym user there is always room for improvement and with Jeff’s informative and instructional videos I am already seeing gains.

He has worked his way into my top three favourite fitness Youtubers

That’s it for this week – I love your feedback so feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email. (You can also drop me a message on twitter but I might miss it due to all the spam comments)

Have a great weekend


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2 thoughts on “Fast Friday 07/06/2017: Quality rather than quantity

  1. Sometimes a book or YouTube video comes along at just the right time and has just the kind of content in the right voice for us. I understand mistakes in video, they can be brushed over or corrected immediately, however the written word, in a formal published format should certainly meet our expectations with regards to spelling and punctuation.

    1. Definitely, I can’t talk too much as I am sure there are quite a few typos in my posts, but I don’t charge anyone to read them 🙂

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