Having the ability to control your emotions is a great skill to possess.

When you choose how your react to a situation you become empowered, not allowing how you feel about a situation control your mind.

If you want some tips to take better control of your emotions – whether it is reacting in anger, worrying about small things or talking down to yourself, the infographic below illustrate 4 tricks to take control of your emotions.

If you want more information on these techniques check out my thoughts on these in my article 4 tricks to take control of your emotions.

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12 thoughts on “4 Tricks To Take Control of Your Emotions (Infographic)

  1. James, This is fabulous the tips are great. You are in IT and probably know more about Internet and SEO more than I. I am IT too, but not internet stuff, more HR – ERP system.

    Anyway, the point is, I read somewhere, a piece of advice that statement if we use a graphic with text on it, we should also write that text out. As it makes for a better SEO search. Now, that might be old information and technology in terms of search engines might be able to search within a graphic. I really don’t know. But, since reading that about two years ago or longer, I try to write the quote out in text as well. Well, that is if I am not being lazy!

    Anyway, just thought I would drop that by your way incase it may be useful. Ignore if not!

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    1. Thank you! I wasn’t aware of that, just with accessibility requirements describing what each image contains – though have to admit, I’ve been a bit lazy to include!

      And thanks for repinning will let you know 😁


      1. I am lazy too – very lazy. It all takes so much effort. Also, I mentioned I posted my pinterest post yesterday. So have a look at that. At 3am this morning i created a youtube channel, as i want to hold zoom calls to share with community how to use block editor etc, but each invite I send just falls flat on it face. So i might do an uncut, unedited completely raw pinterest video… Then i might eventually learn a proper recording software and editing software. I had no wish to create a youtube channel , but with storage space being an issue on my blog seemed the only way out.

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      2. Getting engagement certainly os difficult, I imagine having Zoom calls adds a layer of difficulty due to peoples availability to dial in, especially with different time zones.

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