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Check out some of the post highlights for May 2020:

The Gym Dad

In this post I share an anecdote illustrating the challenge of keeping fit and healthy, alongside fatherhood and how we all have the option to choose our priorities.

>> Fatherhood

Read: The Gym Dad

What Does Stand by Me Tech You About Life?

Can you believe I have only just seen the film Stand by Me.  There are many great life lessons you can take away from it, some which are discussed in this article.

>> Self-Improvement

Read: What Does Stand by Me Teach You About Life?

4 Elements to Understanding Change

This infographic illustrates why change happens and how it can be used to drive improvements in your life.

>> Self-Improvement

Read: 4 elements to understand change (Infographic)

The Way of Dad: What Does it ACTUALLY Mean to be a Father?

Kids don’t come with instructions!  The good news is as a parent you have many opportunities to grow and learn as a person.  Here I cover the challenges children bring.

>> Fatherhood

Read: The Way of Dad: What Does it ACTUALLY Mean to be a Father?

3 Tips to Develop your Resilience to Pressure

A repost of my Tribe Media article, which gives some great tips advising how to get better at handling pressure – an important skill to be have so you can be cool and calm when problems arise!

> >Self-improvement

Read: 3 Tips to Develop your Resilience to Pressure

Thank you all for your continued support!  Aim higher, feel good and get results!

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