Welcome to the Perfect Manifesto post highlights for April, 2021.

When lock down relaxed (again)

This month has seen lock down restrictions relaxed in the United Kingdom. I’ve taken the opportunity to get out more – going back to the gym and having days out with the family. Because I’ve not been on social media, I’ve felt more happier in myself.

More time outside, less time online = having a greater overall wellbeing – who would have thought?

Recently I’ve been enjoying the Ant Middleton book Zero Negativity. If you’re not familiar with Ant he’s a former SBS solider, TV presenter and motivational speaker. Zero Negativity, is essentially a self-improvement book whose subject matter is focused, essentially on the books title.

Although in terms of writing I find Ant’s work standard of your TV personality, and the personal growth guidance is not earth shattering, his unique selling point is his life experiences – along his time serving in the military, he’s climbed Everest, traded diamonds in Sierra, lived in France and gone to prison.

Because of his unconventional life it felt appropriate to make him my monthly image feature!

As a writer who enjoys writing about my own personal experiences, it made me wish I’d done more when I was younger so I had lots of things to write about. But then I’ve realised I can only work with the background I’ve come from, and there is always opportunity for adventure in the future.

Wishing you the best in your success.

James @Perfect Manifesto

Ant Middleton Image from Men’s Health



The morning routine you carry out will set the precedent how the rest of your day goes. Loads of blogs have a post on the ”perfect” routine, but really for good wellbeing and mental health, it’s simple a case of nailing down the basics.

Wellbeing trends:

Recently I’ve been thinking about a number of reoccuring mental health issues that have become a common theme over the past year. In this post I predict three of the biggest issues which will impact society over the next decade.


Looking at the traits of highly confident people I noticed that a popular trait they all possessed was the ability to self-motivate them into action. Here I take a look at how you can inspire motivation to take action with your goals.


A philosophy of my life is to try and live it to give to others without expecting anything in return. Here I discuss why it is important to give without expecting anything in return.


Check out my interview over at thoughtsnlifeblog.com. Here I share a bit more background on myself, Perfect Manifesto and my thoughts on all things behind the process of blog writing. Check it out.

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