James M. Lane is the writer for Perfect Manifesto a blog about fatherhood, health and self-improvement.

Perfect Manifesto was founded on the idea that everyone has the potential to better than yesterday.

Have you ever felt like you could be more?

In 2013 my life wasn’t going how I expected it.  I worked hard to try and better myself but it just didn’t seem to be paying off so I gradually got more and more complacent.

Then as the New Year came I decided enough was enough – I wrote a list of everything I wanted to do and began researching, planning how to get to my intended destination.

It was there I got into Self-Improvement.

I began consuming everything that I could on the topic and found various ideas to help make me a better man.

My progress has been steady and slow, but I am content with the position I am in because I know it’s only part of the long term plan.

If you constantly ask yourself “How can I live a more fulfilling life?” then you’ve come to the right place.

What to expect…

Everyone has the potential to achieve more.  All it takes self-belief, hardwork and learning from mistakes.

At Perfect Manifesto I write about Fatherhood, Health and Self-improvement. Do check out my post Manifesto Reinvented which gives you an understanding how I approach these topics.

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Always aim higher, feel good and get results…

14 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks Benjamin, the blog has been a gradual work in progress of who I am. I called it the Manifesto of Perfection as a bit of a joke originally as I was never settled with what I had in life. The more I blogged, the more I realised I was a big of a perfectionist and as such a source of my anger/unhappiness was revealed and handled accordingly.


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      1. Ah ha and hence you’ve learned something crucially deep about yourself back then, awesome. Congrats for that cause not everyone gets to have such epiphanies even if they want to lol!

        And since you got it figured out, as they say – Knowing is half the battle. In my opinion, you seem to be doing great so far. In fact, I feel that its better than great so keep it up!

        Funny story, I once knew a few people whom are real perfectionist. I’ll quote 2, A and B.

        ‘A’ was a perfectionist from the day we’ve met. ‘A’ was never satisfied in her life and even when she knew that the issue stems from her mindset of Perfection (As we all know, is just a set of expectation- Which isn’t bad to have to a degree, of course) she refused to see that change is necessary in her life and what happens? When you know something isn’t working but you still keep doing it? You’re gonna go nowhere.

        The people around her don’t respond to her as well as she expects them to, her expectations on herself got more and more ridiculous due to that and other reasons which, mind you, all originated from her own mind and the root of it all?


        Damn. So enough about her. Let’s talk about ‘B’ now. Sorry that this comment is so long but I feel the need to share this, for some reason lol.

        ‘B’ has the EXACT SAME personality as ‘A’. The perfectionist who’d never settle for less. If he feels that his work isn’t ready for submission? He’d hang onto it and make sure he get every bit of details right before finally giving it to the judges for well, judgement. Even at the expense of his peers happiness and relationship with him. He’d even get upset at his peers for being lazy if they refuse to go along with him. Talk about being a Dick lol.

        Fortunately, a few friends of ‘B’ spoke to him about this side of him and as he realized the effects of this behavior and mindset? He set out to change.

        Unlike ‘A’ who was as stubborn as a mule and refused to respect nor accept other people’s feelings and existence, ‘B’ did the opposite. ‘B’ dwelled deeper into it and eventually changed himself to become a humble modest man who on occasion, acts like a dick on purpose to poke at his friends but overall, he is now a changed man and he started making lots of positive change in the lives of his friends too.

        I’m sure anyone reading this can see the difference between ‘A’ and ‘B’. How their environment and the people around them would feel and react towards them can be affected by their own mindset and behavior. We must always be prepared and ready to deal with the reactions.

        Always act like a Dictator? Expect Rebellion. Always act like a nice guy? Expect people trying to take advantage of you.

        But of course, that’s all for another day to talk about lol! Seriously, I’m could go on and on about this so let’s stop for now.

        Just a fun fact, ‘B’ is actually me 😀

        Your pal,

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      2. Held of on responding to this as I felt it needed more than a “thanks for the comment” type response. I don’t feel like I have got it figured, but every day is a new lesson 🙂

        Great story – being a perfectionist can make things go out of control, and as with person A the expectations of the individual just span out of control.

        It’s good to hear that you were B, I think it shows that who we are today does not necessarily mean we will be like that in the future and can change for the better.

        It’s interesting that you mention being able to help friends through your own experiences as I was talking to a friend the other day, listening to his problems and I was advising, sympathising and pointing them in the right direction and the said “You know I don’t know whats happened to you but you just seem to have this zen knowledge about you now!”

        – James

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      3. And that is one of the best feelings to ever be experienced- making a positive difference in a friend’s life and seeing the effects right in their smiles 😉

        I definitely see the potential in you to make greater things happen in life so whatever it is that you’ve been doing that led you to this point? Keep doing it.
        If you ever come up with anything you feel like is worthy of sharing with people and perhaps even on another medium like a podcast?

        Just email me. You know I got a podcast series going yeah? If we ever get something extremely beneficially impactful to share? I’d love to have you on the show to talk about that 😉

        Perhaps we’ll chat on Twitter and share ideas over there heh. I just saw that we’ve followed each other lol!

        I’ll talk to you again soon James. Stay awesome and chirpy! Let me know if you need anything champ 😉

        Your pal,

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  1. HI, James. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something and following. I hope it proves of benefit to you. I am enjoying my visit to your world.


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