Another Milestone – 1000 Likes

On another average day I open up my WordPress notifications to find this:


So let me thank you all  for reading, following and liking posts on this blog. Continue reading

Manifesto: Origins

A while ago I was nominated for one of those blogger recognition awards.

I am not very good a meeting the requirements of those sorts of things, but I thought I would blatantley steal what I was asked to do and turn it into my own post, without doing the hard bit of finding 15 blogs to nominate and subsequently post in, informing that they have been nominated…

The Rules:

So as part of this award I was asked to:

  1. Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post and give a brief story of how your blog started.
  3. Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.

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Blog Resolutions

I have decided to set myself some blog targets – this is purely to encourage consistency and good habits.



The Manifesto of Perfection will follow on twice a week publishing schedule Wednesday and Sunday, though I may publish additional adhoc content from time-to-time. Continue reading

Don’t quit (blogger edition)

I thought I would take 5 to reflect on the process of blog writing.  Since I have started in the WordPress community, I have seen a number of blogs that begun come and go.

And to be honest I don’t always know why they stopped – because some were seriously good!

Maybe they didn’t enjoy writing that much, they got writers block, or the disappointment of only having a small audience that didn’t provide instant validation they wanted made them quit.  Or perhaps life just got in the way. Continue reading

Making Hand Made Cards 2015

Although I have not made hand made cards with the same intensity as I did around Christmas.  I have made a few cards for various occasions.



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Dream Journal

I always thought I should have time to make a dream journal.

Although I don’t remember about 95% of my dreams It always seemed like a good idea to record all the bizarre dreams, ideas nightmares and thoughts that my brain creates while in rest before I forget it.

Last night I dreamt I was at Hogwarts school doing a French lesson, where this week we were focusing on pirate related subjects.

We went over some useful pirate themed words, then we did some useful pirate phrases such as ‘Where is the treasure’ (Ou est le treasure??).

To make it even more bizarre the teacher was using characters pictures from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films – I particular remember that she got Kiera Knightly and Penelope Cruz characters mixed up.  I did not correct this glaring error.










But what does this all mean?

Why was I dreaming about two franchises I don’t particularly have a major vested interest in?

What does this have to do with my self-improvement?

I have no idea….

Goal Setting Month: Retrospective

It is the last day of goal setting month and as a mini goal for March I set the aim of writing a blog article everyday.

I have never had a theme month before so wanted to make it special and try to keep it relevant to goal setting – though this was not always possible.

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It’s Friday! Wear a pocket square.

This gallery contains 5 photos.

I love suits. But this time last year I got the best bit of fashion advice – wear a suit with a pocket square. So I bought one I really liked the look of it.  It added a bit of … Continue reading

I came out of the closet

Yeah you heard it.  I came out of the closet….


No let me rephrase that as I don’t want you thinking I came out as a homosexual and now live in a civil partnership with a man called Nigel.

I showed someone my writing. Continue reading

1 year later – so what now?

Has it really been a year since I wrote my first blog article?



1 Year ago…

It seems strange that as I completed that post, I looked at my new blog Perfection Manifesto (soon renamed The Manifesto of Perfection) and thought how empty the archive looked.  So I deliberately set the blog so that it looked like it had more content. Continue reading