Let’s Get Inspired: Perfect Manifesto Interview

Welcome back... Have you ever wanted to understand the background behind Perfect Manifesto? How about insight into the writing process I carry out to write this blog? Or maybe just read some of my tips, likes and dislikes about blogging? Well I'm delighted to say I've recently had the opportunity to share my insights over … Continue reading Let’s Get Inspired: Perfect Manifesto Interview

Protecting Your Mental Health During A Pandemic

It’s been nearly a year since the world was put on lockdown for the first time. Quite unbelievable that 11 months later we’re still in the same place as we were back then, if not worse.

Lockdown fatigue is setting in and more people than ever are feeling very discouraged, unmotivated and depressed. Since the end doesn’t seem to be near, I’d like to share with you my best tips for protecting your mental health during this pandemic.

Digital Consumption Dilemma

The age of digital media has shifted how we consume almost everything. From sex to texts, everything can be had at the push of a button. Most worrying though, is the unhealthy obsessions and addictions that have been formed from this instant gratification culture. Multimillion dollar corporations have cleverly designed & engineered a variety of … Continue reading Digital Consumption Dilemma