Sketch Dashboard: Race Schedule 2015

Thanks to @tisquirrel whose sketch noting work inspired me to display my training ambitions and race schedule for 2015 in this fun way.


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How not to be a pushover

In January I set myself the goal to ‘Be more assertive’.

This was a development on a goal I had originally set called ‘Stop looking after my friends so much’.

The last few months has been a key few months – for developing the importance of this goal.  I have started my new job, but realise (and have been told) that I lack the confidence to express my opinions).


Sure there is a limit – there are people who just like to be disagreeable, but I realise that if I do not start standing up for myself, this will effect my life and by default many of my goals and aspirations.

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Make time for your loved ones

So much to do in a day, yet so little time to work on my goals.

If I have been out with Vicky, talked to my mum, gone walking with my dad or helped out my brother, I can forgive myself for shirking on my goals.


“Always make time for your loved ones.  They are your life and the reason you strive to be more…..”


Manifesto of Perfection – Goal Setting Month

Self Improvement for the Soul: Positive Thinking

Self Improvement for the Soul: Positive Thinking

  This great graphic from is a good way of highlighting all are negative thinking.  As you look through the list at the negatives think of all the barriers it creates to are self-improvement. “I didn’t do it” is not taking … Continue reading

What I spend my time in the gym doing – a pie chart



Seriously, does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Burpee Hell

Burpee Hell

  Ahh the Burpee, you know a exercise is going to be hard, when even the physically fit seem to despise it. When I perform it I feel like my heart will explode, unfortunately when I die and go to … Continue reading