One of my worst memories was when I went to Blackpool with some friends.  One of them got involved in some carny game throwing hoops over some sticks that probably didn’t fit.

I stood to one side and encouraged my friend in his futile quest to win some money.  I did not realise that he spent £180 on the pointless task on what was some carny bullshit con. Continue reading

Ice Skating on the Rideau canal

The Rideau Canal in Ottawa is pretty amazing.

Because it gets so cold in Canada the canal freezes up and what you get is a massive ice skating rink that is over 2km long in distance.

My skating improved a lot just having the space and speed to really fly along.

This was my favourite travel experience ever Continue reading

300 miles to Yellowstone

I went down the west coast of the USA.

Along the way I got food poisoning in Whitefish, Montana.

It was tempting to stay in Whitefish rather than go to Yellowstone park, but it was probably somewhere I would never see again, so I chose to suffer Continue reading

Come to Yorkshire

Come down to Yorkshire I’ll show you round.

We can see the history in York, go round the bars in Leeds or head up to Whitby and see the sea.

Also, we have Tour de France coming up soon… Continue reading

I once lived in Canada…

I once lived in Canada.  I was used to write diaries of my travels, which was what got me into writing in general.

I also saw some awesome sights like this… Continue reading

Out in Prague



A visit to a city is not complete without finding a good vantage point to see everything below.

Getting by without the language

I recently came back from a trip in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

Due to some recent disasters in my life it was all a last minute thing and I decided as I had a bit of money kicking around my bank account to get away.

Unfortunately due to the rush I did not even have time to learn a few basic words, the best I had was a guide book, that spelt out how to pronounce words, however I did not want to use this incase I said them wrong. Continue reading