The Manifesto of Perfection is based around the principles of self-improvement and was designed to help me log and prioritise what matters.

When I use the term self-improvement, I use this to express a conscious awareness of having some idea of what to do with various aspects of your life.  I endorse this by developing goals and having a system to improve my life style.

I left university and felt a hole in my life.  Ever since being born we have milestones to meet – walking, talking, shitting all the way to getting some sort of qualification before getting a job.

This made me think “what is the purpose of my life, I want to do more”

So I sat down and wrote down what I wanted to achieve and I categorised this into the following areas of self-improvement:



Relationships/Social – to maintain an active social life so that I limit my time to sitting in front of the TV or browsing the Internet.




I launched the Manifesto of Perfection in February 2014 and a year later my life has changed for the better.  Because of the positive changes in my life I am striving to continue moving forward with my changes.

“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target”

George Fisher


My focus is to maintain my health and get a better body.  The focus here is on dropping my body fat to get this definition

“Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time”


One of the main things I learnt far too late was the importance of good nutrition assisting a workout schedule.

In 2014 I was in the best shape of my life and I was careful with my diet.

When I settled into a relationship it was far too easy to go back to some of the bad habits.

Therefore the focus is to get back to maintaining good nutrition with cooking good meals.

“Managing perfect body weight is not a complicated rocket science”

Subodh Gupta


When I was single I hated the term “You will meet someone when you are not looking” because to get what you want you have to make an effort.

In 2014 I was fed up having no romantic options so I did various research on getting better with women.  This altered my whole view, within 8 months I was no longer desperate and needy.  2014 marked the first year I had options.

But I found the process of going on dates exhausting and I settled.

Now my focus is on developing that relationship and ensuring that I will not let this distract me from my own ambitions.

It’s not so much “you will meet someone when you are not looking”, more “you will meet someone when you stop appearing needy”

“There are many lovely women, but no perfect ones”

Victor Hugo


I got a good job in project management and my main focus is to develop in this role.  Naturally promotion to the next level is an ambition but I need to ensure that I have the skills and qualifications to meet these needs.

Another good thing about my job is that it gives me greater work/life balance, therefore I want to maintain this so I don’t feel like I spend my life working and commuting.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”



I started this blog based on the simple goal “just write something”

As a result it has given me the opportunity to improve the quality of my writing and even find my writing voice.  This year I would like to take that goal and turn it into “Just write a small book.”  I have left this vague so that it can be about anything.

I also made hand made Christmas cards.  I will be spending the year making more cards, with the aim to improve on the work I have done so far.

“It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection”

Oscar Wilde


I set myself little projects last year – from making handmade christmas cards, to going on a road trip with friends.

Projects are my short term goals that meet a specific need.

This year because I am bad at fixing my bike I will enroll in a class.

“If there was nothing wrong in the world there wouldn’t be anything for us to do”

George Bernard Shaw

Perfect Self-Improvement:

I need to keep finding ways of improving myself and my life.  I will not make excuses to be lazy and be accountable for my failures if I am not achieving my goals.

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