300 miles to Yellowstone

I went down the west coast of the USA. Along the way I got food poisoning in Whitefish, Montana. It was tempting to stay in Whitefish rather than go to Yellowstone park, but it was probably somewhere I would never see again, so I chose to suffer I had a hellish journey sat in an … Continue reading 300 miles to Yellowstone

The cruel conflict of freedom

Freedom is cruel, for every choice we make to be free the decision makes us less free in other aspects of our life. The man who does not work has the freedom of time, , to see family, or to calmly observe his world. But he loses the freedom of capital, unlike the man who … Continue reading The cruel conflict of freedom

Come to Yorkshire

Come down to Yorkshire I'll show you round. We can see the history in York, go round the bars in Leeds or head up to Whitby and see the sea. Also, we have Tour de France coming up soon... I love travelling, but my roots are in my home. York

I once lived in Canada…

I once lived in Canada.  I was used to write diaries of my travels, which was what got me into writing in general. I also saw some awesome sights like this...   Niagra in the winter

Sometimes love isn’t enough

I once worked for social services.  I was involved in a case where both parents were essentially retarded.  And I don't mean retarded in the Internet insult kind of way. They had one kid after another, until the school of one of the kids raised a concern about their ability to protect the children. Despite … Continue reading Sometimes love isn’t enough