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In the age of the Internet, we are in a luxurious position having accessibility to more resources for self-improvement than ever before.

So much information, yet it’s difficult understanding what is most valuable for you.

When approaching content, it’s important to critically think:

“Will this work for me?”

You can only answer this if you have an appreciation what your values are.

Understanding your values help you identify:

  • what matters to me?
  • what drives me?
  • what do I enjoy?

Therefore, if you have not thought about what your values are, please spare some time to carry out the following simple exercise to identify these.
Are you:

Creative?  People person?  Thinker?  Hardworking?  Free spirit?  Problem solver?

Write down at least 12 words describing your personality and what you enjoy (and if you are struggling for value types please use this link).

When you have done this, look at how you have described yourself:

  • Are any of the values similar and reoccurring?
  • Are there any values that appeal more than others?

This will help break down what your priorities are – pick three to four and write a short statement explaining what these values mean to you.

As an example, please see how I describe my personal value Integrity:

“Conduct my life with integrity, be honourable to my loved ones and friends, striving to help others and make their life better.”

Once you complete this task, keep these values saved for reflection in your personal development journal.

The idea is to keep these in your mind so you keep asking yourself these types of questions:

  • does this meet my values who I want to be as a person?
  • how does this goal fit in with my values?
  • will this opportunity match with my values?

There are benefits understanding your values understanding who you are as a person.

For myself it has been key in my career development – having a greater sense of fulfilment and avoiding roles not fitting with my values.

So, who are you?

Thanks for reading.  I hope you got value from this newsletter.

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